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Picky Eaters No More!

Just sharing some quick tips that I discussed during a recent picky eating class....

Siena eating her cranberry sauce and green beans with gusto on Thanksgiving

What is considered normal feeding behavior in toddlers?

  • Decreased appetite after 1st birthday

  • Picky about certain foods, turns head away, resists sitting at table

  • Appetite and food preferences vary from day to day

  • 3 meals and 1-2 snacks per day

  • Young toddlers (under 2 years) may require 50% of calories from fat

  • Foods should be the primary source of nutrition

  • Water is the main source of hydration

  • Milk is a good source of calcium, but should not replace foods or water - limit to 16 oz (2 cups per day)

  • Juice is not a requirement and is mainly sugar - always dilute and limit to 4 oz per day (½ cup)

How can I teach my toddler to be a healthy eater?

  • Offer foods at regular times, but don’t force your child to eat

  • Limit between-meal snacks and drinks

  • Offer a variety of foods - different tastes, textures, colors

  • Make meal time routine - sit together without distractions

  • Allow your child to self feed

  • Avoid bribes

  • Ignore undesirable behavior → act casual and don’t react!

How can I introduce new foods to my toddler?

  • Don’t get discouraged and keep trying! → new foods may take 15-20 repeated exposures

  • Arrange food in fun and colorful shapes

  • Involve kids in meal planning and prep

  • “Food bridges” - introduce foods with similar taste, color, texture (i.e. if your child likes pumpkin pie, try mashed sweet potatoes, then mashed carrots)

  • Try offering a dip or sauce for vegetables: hummus, guacamole, ranch dressing

  • Try new foods with breakfast or lunch, when kids are more alert


The parent is responsible for what, when, and where.

The child is responsible for how much and whether.

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